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powered by work over time. spreadsheet template for 2019 IRS Form 1040 spreadsheet template for 2018 IRS Form 1040

Designing for devices

Friendship and friction

2015 in review

Callsigns and cryptocurrencies

Projects update

Derivative [doesn't] works spreadsheet template for 2014 IRS Form 1040

FAT in a fortnight spreadsheet template for 2013 IRS Form 1040

CouchConf slides

Me on D3

Damage report


Solar Sousveillance


On vacation

Status update

Sandboxing JavaScript in the browser

CouchDB is kinda postmodern


Aquaponics update

Behind the bucket list

Writing about D3.js

Something(s) to do while we are waiting

Growing in gravel

Flight tracking and realtime sharing with CouchDB

Extrovert day

Arduino work and play

Metakaolin Mobile v1.0 spreadsheet template for 2012 IRS Form 1040

Sketches of a mobile-friendlier Metakaolin

MapBox Satellite

Printing my first part

Thoughts on FDM

The three ways to remove a document from CouchDB

Metakaolin: GeoJSON editor for Polymaps, now with multitouch support!

Why build products?

Whatever you do

Putting the Printrbot+ to work

Debugging the Printrbot assembly process

Cost to keep ShutterStem image masters backed up in Amazon Glacier

Assembling a Printrbot Plus

Argyle tiles preview

Forth and onwards

On the burners

Blog posts elsewhere

Argyle Tiles — add a satellite layer to your app's map

What is a Couch?

Finding a reasonable ISP for my phone

A 100% biased, 99.980% worthless anecdote(s) about casual Internet advertising

Drill-powered balloon string winder

Lost the first balloon

Situational awareness

Using the Kickstarter balloon mapping kit spreadsheet template for 2011 IRS Form 1040

Been busy ballooning

Playing around

Up coming new hobby

48 hours in Portland

Time zone "picker" interfaces

Metakaolin's GeoJSON editing interface for Polymaps

Tracing the scenic route

New globs of bloggishness

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