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Arduino work and play

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Had the privilege last month of adding LCD support to duino, a friendly library for controlling an Arduino from node.js — should be pretty easy to port to the node.js firmata library too. Thanks to &yet for sponsoring that development!

"Hello, Andy!" on LCD display connected to an Arduino connected to a laptop

The work came up while I was on holiday, so with some help from Sparkfun I got outfitted with a good little mobile setup. (Embroidered tablecloth sold separately.)

Now that I'm home, with a "real" Arduino left over, I'm hoping to continue prototyping a few useful projects. These should also help me explore some "Internet of Things" problems that have been bothering me for a while:

Since I'm mostly focusing on software (wiring together off-the-shelf components instead of designing custom circuits) the main trick seems to be getting the interface right. Which is the fun part!

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