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Metakaolin Mobile v1.0

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It took more time away from client work than I had planned, but it did "ship" in time to enter Mozilla's Dev Derby.

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Try the demo entry

Still waiting to see how the judges liked it and nervous that its unique editing interface was a big strike against it as a casual demo. Still needs some visual and touch size improvements to the vector editing. No feature sketch mode. Needs a better solution for caching the map tile set(s) separate from the app. Doesn't yet show your current location. CouchDB sync code commented out. Etc. Etc.

However, a number of features that weren't in the original early editing platform are now there: you can name each shape (or actually enter custom JSON), pick colors, choose from a handful of basemap options, delete unwanted documents, etc. And of course, the first pass at an offline mobile-friendlier interface.

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