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48 hours in Portland

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Colors out the train window

I rode the train in and the bus back, visiting Portland from 10am on Tuesday to 10am Thursday. The weeks before had been busy too: I didn't even get a chance to join the local Tri-Cities co-working group, being heads down in client work and conference calls. Taking public transportation down the river to a very public town was a good reminder of how community matters — both the tech community and the wide world it should serve.

I was struck by how lovely life can be in a town like Portland — warm coffee shops everywhere, so much fine food and drink in every district, and such useful book and tech and music shops scattered all over, all bustling with interesting and amiable people. And how empty a city can still be — the streets are littered with people who have so blantantly lost or tossed every benefit of society except the worthlessness of its loose change.

So I'm grateful to the many people who helped Portland feel not-too-far from home during my time there:

Portland's a great place to get offline but stay connected. Though it's good to be back home, I was blessed to visit again.

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