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Extrovert day

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Toby and I took the train to Portland last week.

Nate and Toby in front of Portland's Union Station, photo by Ward Cunningham

Just a day trip to catch up with some friends, but it was jam packed with both intentional and unexpected conversations.

Single pixels

Charlie Lloyd has been working to remove clouds from satellite imagery:

"Melded Arctic" by Charlie Lloyd source

A few lines of code, a simple algorithm that considers each pixel in isolation.

Beautiful results.

Nested interactions

Jason and Erik of He Can Jog were on tour, couldn't ignore my vintage computing carry-ons, and let me commit some patches on their synth:

Glitchy animation of analog synthesizer

A suitcase plugged into 110vac rocking up the Columbia River at 59mph.

Beautiful times.


I had the privilege to interact with half a dozen other old/new friends — thanks Ward, Justin, Charlie, Jacob, Ben, Tim, Tuano, Erik and Jason! Toby got to drink hot chocolate and play in the park and eat awful microwaved lounge car pizza, and we both spent the next few days taking it all in.

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