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On the burners

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In May, starting to acclimate as a freelancer, I started wondering how much client work and side projects I should consider. How many things should I be working on?

Well, most stoves have four burners. Here's what I set on in June:

  1. Room to Think organization — the Tri-Cities coworking group I'm in recently incorporated as a non-profit with me on its first directors board. I may be biased, but we've already got a great start: friendly members continue to gather, and we landed a wonderful location overlooking a park on the Columbia River for our space. We have plenty more to figure out as we settle in, but so far so good and the community has been very supportive.
  2. Inquirium client — it's an honor to work with this smart, hard-working crew — and getting to tackle an e-reading related app no less!
  3. Meograph client — this has been one of the most chaotic, but also the most shipping-est, product developments I've worked on.
  4. Argyle Tiles project — busy bubbling on the back burner, we have my speculative aerial and satellite tile hosting business.

ShutterStem and other personal data management apps are still lingering below (in the oven). There's a lot of infrastructure needed for most of my ideas there — not just technologic and financial, but also building with and for people who care. So it was really encouraging to participate in IndieWebCamp this past weekend, too.

An old kitchen stove — image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gas_stove.jpg

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