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"You know, what they think of you is so fantastic, it's impossible to live up to it. You have no responsibility to live up to it!"

Feynman then "went on to work out equations of wobbles" and it did work out.

I'm struggling with no such renown as Feynman, but the world I live in is still rather intimidating.

As analysts ooh and ahh over resolutions and stock buybacks, as the others bring their latest data centers online, and while so-and-so's multimillion dollar attempt to compete with really-is-great's dominant market share makes the news again — it's impossible to live up to it.

So who cares? My career has netted me an approximate financial worth of negative one house…plus a canister of helium!

A balloon made from a thin plastic fruit bag and a bread clip

This wannabe balloon experiment is ugly, it leaks badly, it's needed rescue from the trash once already. No honorary doctorate here. We're having fun:

It floats!

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