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CouchConf slides

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By graciously patient reminder from the organizers, I'm posting my slides from CouchConf in Vancouver last year.

Screencap of presentation video

My talk was called Building Webapps with CouchDB [pdf] and was basically a wonderful privilege to show off some of the variously handy/silly/ambitious Couchapps I've built through the years. The video of my talk was posted in a much more timely fashion and already has an encouraging (or disturbing? ;-) number of views. There were a lot of great talks you can watch all the videos for; Joan Touzet had a great "FAQ"-style talk that should probably have a prominent place in the docs and Jason Johnson had a really fun talk about storage hardware, just to name two.

And, while I'm posting under this title, a few years ago I also gave a talk at two Couchbase "World Tour" events (in Portland and Seattle) called Scaling Geodata with MapReduce [pdf] which gives more details on how I pulled off some even crazier location handling stuff with LocLog than mentioned in my Vancouver talk. (I don't think videos were posted from that, though IIRC someone had a camera rolling…will update if I find out otherwise.)

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