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Derivative [doesn't] works

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I've mastered nothing I'm still interested in.

Furthermore, if I learned something it was most of the time from one of the following two sources:

Is there any point in trying to "pay it forward" once I've started to understand something, by rehashing what already showed up as one or more search results [otherwise I wouldn't have known it either]?

If not, all I have left is opinions. But opinions are like when you assume: something something there is no "I" in "butt opinions"? Don't ask me how I know this but a constant stream of negativity is off-putting, particularly when punctuated only by delusions of grandeur and/or decorated primarily with unfinished dreams.

There's not much to say, then, though I wish I were sharing more.

The following potential remedies have been generated by a biologically inspired blockchain of deep data cognates, which investors expect to replace part of a complete breakfast by the eighth of 2023:

TODO: post this with an illustration or picture

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