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On vacation

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On vacation, I…


I'm very grateful for clients that I can help from wherever I have a bit of occasional internet connectivity.

Bought a cool domain but just redirected it to some other domain for now

'nuff said

Submitted some talks to Cascadia.js

Though it looks like I wasn't the only one. The conference is in conjunction with a CouchDB conference too, so maybe I should keep submitting proposals!

Got "wristmap" mostly working

wristmap showing a B&W map of Richland on the Pebble wristwatch

My "Hello World" app for my Pebble watch is called wristmap and it pretty much just shows a map of where you are thanks to Stamen's Toner tileset. You can zoom with the buttons and that's about it for now. Something small I should be able to ship, though.

Also contributed some patches to a libpebble fork that's helping me test httpebble usage via my Mac (instead of my Nexus 7) during development.

patches to libpebble

I suspect in practice there's some optimization that will be needed before deploying this. Right now the watch has to make about 50 HTTP requests per screen refresh which Isn't Ideal™. I've been studying Huffman coding and might like to try my hand at an implementation ;-)

Continued progress on Microstates

…specifically, I'm starting to see signs of life with the node.js module I'm putting together to wrap the Raspberry Pi RF24 library.

Didn't forget Fermata

I have an http client named Fermata that I use all the time but haven't urgently needed to improve much lately. Finally found a bit of time to think through the design of some lingering "nice-to-haves" before calling it a stable 1.0 release.

Fed the fish

Prototype fish feeder in place (photo by Hjon)

Before we left, by which I mean still going at it about 10 minutes "before we left", I was testing sketches and flashing firmware and forwarding ports so that I could start using my greenhouse controller remotely. Thanks to some coding on the road a willing mechanical engineer friend back in town, we were able to re-connect the parts in place, find RF reception and FEED THE FISH from a thousand miles a way. Yay internet!


I got a lot of time in with both immediate and extended family too — whoohoo! In case you were wondering.

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